• Stop Rhino Poaching – KZN

    Donation : £125.00/ £1,000.00

    This project is aimed at raising awareness & helping to eliminate Rhino poaching and securing the white and black rhino populations of Kwa Zulu-Natal.

  • Help IAR GOA to Treat and Save Animals

    Donation : £410.15/ £4,000.00

    International Animal Rescue Goa was established as a charity (Registration No : 106/GOA/98) in August 1998. Their aim is to reduce the terrible suffering of animals in Goa.

View this video

View this video

View the Time-lapse Video from IAR GOA

Please make a Donation

Please make a Donation

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Become a Volunteer

To Volunteer at IAR GOA please go to the Volunteer page http://pawstohelp.uk/be-a-volunteer-reap-the-rewards/ or click Join Button and complete the form JOIN TODAY

"One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals."

Mahatma Gandhi