Who we are? Read our Story

Being passionate about animal welfare and having visited India Siobhan and I decided to set up this site to help promote the Charities that we support. These Charities are International Animal Rescue - Goa in India and Project Rhino KZN in South Africa.

What we do? See Our Work

Car Boot Sales

Siobhan collects clothes and other items and with our daughter Isabella sells these at Car Boot Sales. All monies raised gets sent to the charities we support

Personal Funds

Both Gordon and Siobhan regularly donate from their own funds to IAR Goa and Project Rhino KZN and other charities from time to time


As part of our mission we promote the work of both IAR GOA and Project Rhino KZN raising awareness of the work they do and encourage others to provide sponsorship for these Charities.

Endurance Events

Gordon does Running, Cycling, Triathlon and Adventure Races to raise funds for the Charities we support.

Meet the Team



Siobhan Manning

Gordon Manning











































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