Be a volunteer & reap the rewards

Without the help of volunteers IAG Goa would not be able to achieve the success and the standards they are so proud of. The constant demands on  time, resources and facilities far exceed their ability to cope and staff are constantly stretched to the limit. Time and time again it is the volunteers who provide the help that permits the staff to deal with these demands. Thankfully IAR Goa volunteers assist with just about every aspect of the work and without their dedication the amount of work they are able to do would be seriously compromised..

Because we take the Health and Safety of our volunteers seriously we have strict rules that are laid out in our Health and Safety Regulation which are on display at all times in our information centre. We also have a Volunteer Coordinator who provides each new volunteer with essential information and is there to help should the need arise.

IAR Goa welcome drop-in volunteers at the centre.

If you are planning your trip in advance, please consult the volunteer guide book (PDF).

Volunteer activities for those with a current rabies vaccination.

The most important rule is that all volunteers handling animals must be vaccinated against rabies and they have to sign a form to say they are.


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