Project Details

IAR Goa – Adoption Services

Adopt a kitten, puppy, cat or dog from Animal Tracks and give it a loving home

Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are available for adoption from the centre free of charge. All animals are sterilized and vaccinated, and free veterinary care will be provided for a whole year. In addition puppies and kittens are homed on the strict understanding that they will be brought back to the centre for free sterilization at the appropriate time.

Similar Project

Finding Arabelle a Forever Home

This is a personal project to find Arabelle, an Indian Pariah dog we rescued, a Forever Home.

We recently visited IAR Goa and were involved in the rescue of a female dog severely ill from advanced mange with bacterial infection. We named her Arabelle (she was found in Arambol) Arabelle is under the care of IAR Goa where she was being treated. She is being fostered by one of the staff and we contribute to her food and pay all medical bills.

Project Rhino KZN Main Project

As a result of Project Rhino KZN’s ethos of collaboration, projects and campaigns in partnership with other organisations have been initiated.


IAR Goa – Sterilisation Project

At IAR Goa we firmly believe that sterilisation is one of the most vital aspects of our work as it is only by humanely reducing the stray animal population that the suffering can be decreased.